Heard of life insurance, heard of medical insurance! Ever heard of ‘Diet Insurance’??

Scenario 1: Its pouring outside. You’re stuck at the office with water logging everywhere. Canteen is closed and your lunch is long gone. You’re dying of hunger! What do you do?
Scenario 2: You’ve battled heavy rain and traffic and managed to reach the gym – tired and famished. Your trainer happily starts loading the weights for an intense workout. But all you can hear is the growling of your stomach! What do you do?

If you’ve insured yourself, then just get your ‘diet insurance’ out of your bag!

It’s no secret! Protein supplements are your ‘diet insurance’ to keep your muscles from going dry on a rainy day! You can choose from a range of weight gainers and meal replacements available in various protein-carbohydrate ratios to suit your requirement.

Whether you’re stuck in the office or in the car in traffic, whether you need an evening snack or a pre-workout fuel source…Come rain, come shine, your protein supplements ensure you’re never low on energy or strength!

Here’s a run-down on all your ‘Diet Insurance’ plans:

1. ‘Insure your Protein’ plan – with Pure Whey

If you are a vegetarian or don’t get much of egg whites, chicken, fish or skimmed paneer in your diet, then invest in a Pure Whey protein and guarantee your protein intake 24×7. That keeps your body’s lean tissues active all the time – making you stronger and burning fat faster!

Most ‘Regular Whey’ proteins supply about 75-80% protein, with Ultimate Nutrition’s Prostar 100% Whey supplying 83% protein – the highest in its class. If you have a problem of lactose intolerance, go for a lactose-free ‘Whey Isolate’ that is super-easy to digest and absorb. It’ll give you higher protein content per scoop. For example, Isosensation93 gives 30gm protein per scoop, as compared to 20-25gm protein supplied by most other products.

How to use:
  • If you always have few scoops of whey in your bag, just pick up a high-fibre fruit, a wheat bread sandwich or a handful of peanuts and down it with half or one scoop of whey in water to make a complete snack.
  • Add a tablespoon of skim milk powder to get the perfect combo of fast-release whey and slow-release casein protein from milk.
  • Fruits such as apples and pears, nuts such as peanuts and almonds, breakfast cereals such as wheat flakes and muesli, and skim milk powder can also be stocked at your workplace or your car as emergency options.
  • Fruits or cereals go great with whey for an energizing mid-morning snack, while sprouts/ nuts and whey are the perfect low-carb high-fibre combo in the evening.

2. ‘Safeguard your Muscles’ plan – with a Weight gainer

A Whey protein insures only 50% of your diet – the protein half. What about the other half – the carbohydrates? A Weight gainer is a 100% foolproof insurance to make sure you stick to your muscle gain diet – no matter what! Forget hunting for fruits, bread, cereal flakes or nuts! Its one complete meal in a shake. All you need is a shaker and water to mix and drink!

For example, Ultimate Nutrition’s Massive Whey Gainer is a perfect vegetarian option for a nutritious meal! With pure whey, a moderate protein-carb ratio of 1:2 and added vitamins and minerals, it can serve for both morning and evening meals in a muscle gain diet.

How to use:
  • Skipping breakfast in a rush to work? Need a nutritious boost mid-morning? Famished in the evening or at midnight? Anytime anywhere, your gainer can come to your rescue.
  • It’s also the perfect pre-workout meal: rich in protein and complex carbohydrates to fuel your energy levels from the start to end of a workout.
  • Typically one serving of a weight gainer is to be consumed in a day: ½ serving x twice a day or one-third serving x 3 times a day.
Don’t forget your insurance at home! Carry your whey or your gainer wherever you go! It’s your lifeline to fitness.
By Gauri Murthy
Printed in ‘Health Zone’, After Hrs, DNA Mumbai, India  (12th July 09)

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