Nutrition Academy Courses


Gauri Murthy Nutrition Academy

Welcome into the world of Scientific Nutrition education.

At Gauri Murthy’s Nutrition Academy, each course is designed as a unique combination of theory, which simplifies complex topics, along with practical training of various scenarios in case studies –that is hard to find in a single course anywhere else!

We endeavour to guide every student through an in-depth study of nutrition, so as to enlighten and polish him/her into an outstanding nutrition professional.

These Nutrition courses have evolved over 18 years of my experience and expertise in both teaching and practising fitness and sports nutrition, supplementation and weight management.

Course-1. Specialist in Nutrition for Fitness, Sports and Optimal Health

A Comprehensive Nutrition course to sculpt you into an expert nutrition professional

Duration: 6 months (24 weeks)

Course-2. Nutrition for Fitness and Sports

A Crash course providing intensive nutrition knowledge

Duration: 2 months (8 weeks)

Course-3. Advanced Supplementation Course

Creating experts in nutritional supplements

Duration: 2 months (8 weeks)


Invest in yourself. Put in few months of hard work and dedication for a lifetime of returns!