Personalized Nutrition Programs

Gauri Murthy’s customized Wellness and Sports Nutrition Programs harness the power of scientific nutrition, applying the most effective concepts of fitness, performance, body transformation and anti-aging to reach greater heights in achieving your goals.

To reach greater heights, we need deeper insights.

With this aim in mind, we begin with a thorough Client Profiling session to capture all your details in one frame.

Knowing where you are coming from and what your body and mind goes through on a daily basis, makes all the difference between just a good diet and a sustainable nutrition program that brings out the best in you.

We also require a complete check of your recent blood reports for a thorough assessment of your nutritional requirements and recommendations.

Our Nutrition programs are designed with a comprehensive approach based on your exercise, medical and individual nutritional requirements, while considering the positive and negative aspects of your history, lifestyle, stress factors and wellness parameters.

Our team of sports nutritionists are dedicated to in-depth Nutrition sessions, extensive counselling and providing expert advice to educate and guide you to make informed choices.

In every session, we will be ambitious for your goals and expect nothing less than your 200%. Through regular monitoring, frequent follow-ups, and precise analysis, we push both ourselves and you to bring out your best!!

Powered by the latest research from Gauri Murthy’s Nutrition Academy, we use the best of science to make your fitness dream come true!

Gauri Murthy’s Wellness and Sports Nutrition Programs:

All Programs are customized to individual body type, metabolism and nutritional requirements

1. Fat Loss/ Weight Loss Programs

Result-oriented Weight loss. Scientific and Healthy.

2. Muscle Gain/ Weight Gain Programs

Scientific Nutrition for Muscle Gain.

3. General Health and Wellness Programs

Nutrition to Enhance Health & Fitness

 4. Performance Nutrition Programs

Sports-specific Programs for Athletes

 5. Nutrition Programs for Children

To Nourish the Health and Activity of Growing Children